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Sometimes, especially with younger kids, you may want to share an iPad, for example, across multiple users.

Let's say that Mom wants to share her iPad with her 2 children. This way each child may have their own bedtime and policies, without the need to purchase a separate device for each one. So how can she share one device with one license across multiple family members?


Follow the steps below and give everyone protection without buying extra devices.

  1. Make sure you have created all the users that could be using the shared iPad. In our example we have Ben and Katie who will share the iPad.
  2. Each user can have his or her own settings as far as Appblocker, Catblocker, Timeblocker, etc.
  3. Once each user is set up, you just need to toggle the shared iPad from one user to another via the dashboard. So if Ben is selected when Ben has it, his policies will be enforced. The next day when Katie has it, mom updates the dashboard with Katie as the user, and her policies will be applicable.

Below the iPad is currently set up for Ben:


Now Click the edit pen under Actions (above picture) and select Katie as the new user of that shared iPad:

Finally, click on the Update button to make your changes live.

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