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Profile Errors

There are two main reasons for profile installation failures. Here are the 2 most common ones. If these do not resolve your ability to install a profile, pleas contact support so we can help.

Also, before beginning, we recommend that you update your iOS to the latest version.

Safari Cookie Settings

This is typically caused by Safari settings in iOS. Apple recently defaulted certain security settings in Safari to block cookies and third party cookies.

  2. Under "Block Cookies", make sure that "Always Block" is NOT selected. You may either select "Always Allow" or "Allow from Websites I Visit"
  3. Go back to [] and attempt to enroll the device again.
  4. Once enrolled, you may change the "Block Cookies" setting back to "Always Block".

Any option selected other than "Always Block" will typically resolve this error.

Management Profile Exists Already

Another reason that may cause a profile installation to fail is the presence of another MDM profile already installed. With Apple iOS, you can only have one MDM (Management Profile) installed on a device.

Please check your Settings>General> "Profiles & Device Management" tab to make sure there are no other VPN or Management Profiles before beginning installation.

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