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What is safewifi?

This feature allows children in school or other "safe" WiFi areas to use their devices without the VPN being active. Many schools are enforcing their school networks settings and blocking some types of VPN's. This is to prevent students from using their own VPN client on their smartphones to bypass the school's internet content filtering policies. Netsanity's safeWiFi will allow parents or admins to temporarily disable the child's iPhone device from launching VPN and thus will be usable on the school's or another safe network where there is already a safe and approved content filtering solution. Using safeWifi does NOT remove Netsanity from their device - it simply stops the VPN from launching when it is in the previously selected safe SSID WiFi area.  

*Please note that safewifi is an advanced feature that may be confusing to use and enable for some users. Please follow the guide carefully before adding safeWiFi to a child's user settings.

safewifi Setup Procedure

First make sure that you need to activate 
SafeWiFi. If a school or area is blocking VPN, that is a good reason to use it. If you already use OpenDNS at home for internet filtering, for example, you can add your home wifi SSID to safewifi so VPN will NOT launch while your child is at home. If they try to turn off wifi on the iPhone, the system assumes they have left the safewifi area and will turn VPN on as it is now not on wifi at all.
  1. Start by making sure that the device is NOT in a SafeWifi area. Only continue with the steps below if the device is not near the area you are about to set up as a  SafeWiFi.
  2. Select the preferences tab on the left and you will see the SafeWiFi area on the right (users with Apple devices only)


  3. Enter the SSID of the SafeWiFi exactly as it appears in the device when you are there. Alternatively, you may ask the administrator of the school or other party to get the SSID.
  4. Once entered, click ADD button to add it.

*Please note that if this is the first time adding a SSID, the SafeWiFi™ toggle will appear under the User Detail page

Please note that the default position of safeWifi is disabled and is displayed as Gray.


When you activate the safeWifi toggle to ON, it will change to Green.


Notes on safewifi

  • The parent or admin can enter up to 6 SafeWiFi SSID’s into the user profile section of the user settings in the Preference Tab
  • The SSID’s are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as the SafeWiFi™ SSID’s are listed. For example, if the school uses the SSID ABC_Middle_Kids,> it must be entered exactly with proper case to function.
  • When the user enters an area where the software detects that the SSID is listed as a SafeWiFi™, the VPN will not launch and the user will be protected by that locations (school, church, openDNS) network.
  • If the user toggles WiFi off and begins using the carrier cellular network, the software will assume that the user has left the SafeWiFi and will launch VPN.
  • The SafeWiFi toggle will show GREEN is the child is in a SafeWiFi area. If it is GRAY the child is not in a SafeWiFi area and Netsanity is protecting the device. 

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