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After creating your Android device in the dashboard, please follow the steps below to activate your Android Samsung device.

*Please note that you are NOT installing the Netsanity Agent app on YOUR (Parent's) phone/tablet. It is only installed on your child's device that you intend to monitor/protect.

  1. Keep your 5 digit enrollment code handy that was auto-generated when you created your device; if you entered a phone number for the device, it will be sent via text/sms to the device, along with a link to the app in the google play store.
  2. On the child's device (the device you want to protect and monitor), go to the Google Play store and search for Netsanity. You will see our app, called the Netsanity Device Agent
  3. Download and Install the app following the screenshots below. There are numerous approvals that you need to give through out the install process to make sure the agent can be correctly install and provide the features to you in your dashboard.
  4. Once the install is finalized, you are finished with the device and can hand it back to your child. Within a few minutes, it will connect to our servers and register the device. You will then be able to manage it from your dashboard

Screenshots and details of the process are below (Latest Version is 3.1.0) supporting Android 7

*Please note: Due to the way Samsung installs its security features, you may receive these screens and pop-ups in a different order than from what we demonstrate below. It is important to know that the order is not important - only that you accept all the screens as they appear. The timing may be affected by your internet connection to the various servers.

Please search the Google Play store for Netsanity and select the Netsanity Device Agent to start your download


1) Open the app to Begin Installation:

blob1477145593057.png   blob1477145630336.png

2) Begin Activation


Click Next >


Enter your 5 digit code from dashboard for that device and click Next


Once you have enrolled, Click Next and proceed to permissions screens

blob1477146040342.png  blob1477146048078.png blob1477146075680.png blob1477146095210.png

Next set of permissions screens

blob1477146162732.png  blob1477146174884.png  blob1477146201689.png  blob1477146224824.png

You Should now see the finish screen below


There are two more screens. The first is the active screen that will show you that the Agent has installed and is active. The other one is a last security KNOX privacy (Samsung) notice which needs to be accepted as the final permission approval

blob1477146468719.png     blob1477146482618.png

Activation Completed - please clear all tabs and hand back to the child.

Important Note: If you received text notification of the enrollment code, please delete the text before returning the device to the child, as knowledge of the enrollment code allows the app to be disabled.

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