VPN Enforcement - formerly  batterysaver

Netsanity continues to contain a powerful VPN control feature.

VPN Enforcement prevents the user from turning off the On Demand toggle in settings permanently. When the user toggles the On Demand switch "OFF", the system automatically refreshes the VPN connection so it toggles back on.

By default, Apple iOS devices enrolled into the Netsanity service poll the network infrequently (15-20 minutes). This is the standard (Passive) setting. For most users, this is sufficient.  However, for certain users who may try to circumvent the service, or need tighter control, you may set the VPN Enforcement to Active.

Select your preference in the Device Preferences tab in the user screen. The default view is below.


If set to active, the selection changes to Active:


Active enforcement will reset the VPN every 3 minutes or so. This will prevent most attempts to circumvent. There is no Save button . Changes are immediate.

*Please note that the active state will drain the battery more than the default passive state.

Additionally, we have a comprehensive guide as well that explains VPN and removal attempts. Read that solution here.

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