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Customers have reported and Netsanity has verified a new bug in Apple's iOS 10 release. It appears to affect users with VPN and On-Demand turned on. While frustrating to users, it does not actually cause any operational issues just confusion. Below is the outline to verify it is appearing for iOS 10 users. No action is needed at this time by customers.

First before you start, make sure that his On Demand is NOT enabled (Not Green) - check that by going to Settings>General>VPN>Netsanity VPN (Click the blue circle) Then toggle On Demand Off


Now that you have this let check what your WiFi/LTE icons are doing....

  1. While on WiFi at home, without VPN launching, make sure you are seeing the wifi icon on the iphone and go to some site - ensure its working. Assuming everything is fine, go to step 2.
  2. Now go back to the main Settings screen
  3. You should see a VPN toggle option 5th or 6th place down
  4. Toggle VPN on manually - it should connect normally after 1 - 3 seconds. When it does, look at the icons - you should see the WiFi icon and then the VPN icon - as it should
  5. Navigate to a website and see that it is still working
  6. At this point you have verified that Netsanity system is performing normally. Now you will verify the "bug"
  7. Go back to the beginning and re-enable on-demand to on (WATCH CAREFULLY AS YOU DO THIS - AS YOU TOGGLE IT ON IMMEDIATELY WATCH THE ICONS - LTE/WIFI/VPN)
  8. If you have the bug, what you will see is suddenly and mysteriously, your wifi icon will disappear while the VPN is connecting and may or may not be replaced with the LTE icon EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NOT REALLY ON LTE - YOU ARE STILL ON WIFI
  9. So after a few seconds - or a but longer both the Wifi and VPN icons appear together like everything was normal.
  10. So the buggy process is as follows while on Wifi with on demand ON: VPN Starts>Wifi icon disappears>nothing seems to happen for a few seconds>then both wifi and VPN appear together

This is a bug introduced by Apple with 10 as they added networking features and enhancements and it's been frustrating for VPN users all over the world.

Specific to Netsanity, while at home with local wiFi, you can even put the iPhone into Airplane mode and then only turn on wireless (So NO LTE at all) then do the above and you will see everything disappear (NO LTE showing) and then both wifi and VPN appear at once.

We are waiting for Apple to fix but for now, it is working as designed. We will update as we get details from Apple.

**Update August 1, 2017 - this has been fixed by Apple in release 10.3.3

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