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Dashboard - Preferences Tab

The preference page gives the parent abilities to configure two major feature settings, VPN enforcement and timeout. Plus, instructions are provided on how to enable SafeWifi(prevents VPN from launching during school hours). 

VPN Enforcement (Apple iOS Only)

By default (Passive) the VPN configuration is sent to the device if the device has not connected to our servers within 20 minutes. For more active enforcement, change this setting to "Active".This will cause the service to send the VPN configuration more frequently, up to every 5 minutes if there is no connection from the device.  

Timeout: (Apple iOS Version) button toggled(Green)

The timeout feature will perform one of the following actions on Apple devices, based on your user preferences.

  • Block Internet
  • Block Internet and screenlock
  • Block internet and hideapps
  • Remove Safari Browser

Timeout: (Android Samsung) button toggled(Green)

  • Disable Internet access.
  • Disable use of non-system applications on the device.
  • Disable SMS/Text messaging

SafeWifi (Apple iOS):

This feature allows children in school or other "safe" WiFi areas to use their devices without the VPN being active.

Netsanity 2.5 SafeWifi - Apple IOS Only

Android Preference Tab

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