Netsanity is excited to announce the launch of a new service to help new customers activate their devices. We call this new service: Netsanity Concierge.

Netsanity Concierge is to help in your initial device activation only.

Now, as a new trialing customer, feel free to schedule some personal time with one of our activation experts so they can help guide you to a quick and easy device activation. Device activation of your child's Apple or Samsung device(s) is a key and necessary step in having the Netsanity service work properly. Now, have full confidence by having us help you if you need that personal touch!

We have US-based, experts available throughout the week and even on weekends. Please click the link below and schedule your personal and private 10 minute call or screenshare with our experts to get your children's devices activated quickly and easily.

Click Here To Pick Your Appointment

You will get a confirmation email and we look forward to meeting you!


Your Netsanity Concierge Team

Additional Info:

Netsanity Concierge is to help in your initial device activation only. It is includes a 10-minute slot of personal call or screenshare. General troubleshooting or general questions are to be done via your secure parental dashboard where customers can open up support tickets

Before your scheduled appointment, please make sure you have prepared the following:

- Your child's device(s) that you will be activating (max of 2)

- A good internet/WiFi connection at home or where you will be with the devices

- Logged in to your dashboard (

We strongly suggest you read the appropriate guide for your device before the call to familiarize yourself with the process (don't worry - activation usually takes under a minute)

*Also, if you will be installing the Samsung device,we recommend you download the Netsanity Agent from the Google Play store as that will speed up the activation.

Not currently a Netsanity subscriber?  Protect your family now.