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Upgrading is easy with our Parental Dashboard!

You can perform the following via the Manage Subscription section of your dashboard

  • Upgrade your current trial to a premium monthly service
  • Upgrade any Lite plan to a monthly or annual premium plan to get all the premium features!
  • Change your licenses by adding more ore reducing to a plan with less licenses
  • Change your plan from a monthly plan to annual one to get a chance to use a coupon and save more!
  • Upgrade any annual plan to a plan with more device licenses
  • Perform a cancellation

To perform any upgrades or changes to your account, simply

1) Log into your dashboard

2) Click on 'Manage Subscription' at the top of the screen


3)  Click 'Change' next to Plan Details


4)  Select Monthly or Annual and the number of device licenses you would like to have using the drop-down.

5) For Annual ONLY plans, and if applying a coupon, please be sure to enter the coupon code correctly, and press the 'Validate Coupon' button.

6)  Confirm the changes - read, and if you choose to do so, select 'I accept the terms and conditions' and then finally select "Change Subscription"

Your new plan is now active and your device licenses are automatically updated

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