gameblocker is a feature to block popular apps that parents request the most to be blocked. 

  1. By default apps are in the green-shaded allowed area and are not blocked. If you hover your mouse over an app icon (not in a mobile/tablet view), you will see their name. 
  2. To block an app from functioning on the user’s device, simply click it! The app will appear in the lower blocked area and you will know that it is currently being blocked. 
  3. Don't forget to click the [Apply Changes] button in the top area for your changes to take effect. You can make as many changes as you want, but only need to click the [Apply Changes] button once. If you don't press the [Apply Changes] button, it will automatically save your changes every minute unless you navigate away from the page.

To return the app to the allowed list, simply click it again and it will appear back in the allowed area.

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In this video we explore the basics of gameblocker and appblocker- watch how easy it is to block unwanted apps in seconds!


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