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Searching and accessing porn - what’s the difference?

Many parents, rightly, don't understand the differences and nuances between searching the internet and looking at results and actually accessing the content. Both are important to understand when it comes to limiting or preventing adult content from children.

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Searching the web for pornography

When you search for something in Google, you are asking it to look around their entire index of web content and return a small snippet of what you are looking for. Those snippets can be text, images, or videos - or all 3. In our example below we are searching Google's UK site for “deep sea fishing”


Google returned a bunch of snippets of what it thinks would be relevant to us. As you can see above, it lists some websites, and further down a video as well as images.

Now imagine if that search contained porn requests, like “best porn videos” (try it yourself). Using Microsoft’s BING search has a similar flow, although Bing's share of global searching is nowhere near Google’s.

These images, snippets and videos are all on a Google search result page. When your kids see them, they have not actually clicked anything nor gone to a specific site other than Google. They are simply looking at a small “cache” of information that Google stored about a specific site and image. So if you have the best content filtering database in the world, it is of little use as the kids can get plenty of bad stuff just by Googling all day and night on their mobile devices!

Netsanity’s Safesearch

When you activate SafeSearch with Netsanity, all searches for Google and Bing are redirected to Google and Bing’s “safe” search algorithms.

When searching for adult terms and images, they block the RESULTS in the search so the child will not SEE those images or websites in the first place.

Keep in mind, those results are only as good as Google and Bing are with their algorithms but its as good as you are going to get on searches.

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Google's safesearch

For more information regarding Google's SafeSearch please visit the following link:

Bing safesearch

For more information regarding Bing's SafeSearch please visit the following link:

This feature may be turned on and off from the parental dashboard under Manage User.

A green checkbox toggle indicates safesearch is active.

When safesearch is not active, the toggle will be gray.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019