New Feature - Phone and SMS Blocking - Android

*March, 2019 Update

Google now requires that all apps in the Play Store need to disable access to the SMS and Phone controls unless they are specifically apps for Phone and SMS. Netsanity still makes the full version available directly by having our customers download the full Netsanity Agent from the Samsung device: Please note that there will be additional screens during the setup in addition to the ones that are shown below. If you feel more comfortable with the version available in the Google Play store, please understand that SMS and Phone controls will not be available. You can always use the Netsanity provided version at any time by using the previous link to download from the Samsung device you wish to install the agent on. - Click here for instructions for the Netsanity direct app install steps

Please see feature overview for phone call blocking and SMS (Texting) blocking.

*Please note the screenshots below are from a demo dashboard - most users will still have the legacy dashboard.

  • Android for Samsung users can block all SMS texting Globally or block phone calls Globally.
  • Additionally you can block SMS or Phone Calls to<>from specific contacts on the device.
  • A phone call history log will show calls made and received as well.

Premium Users can simply navigate to their enrolled Android Samsung Device Info view and select Messaging Tab.


  • To Block ALL calls or ALL SMS Texting, toggle the buttons in that view to Disabled.
  • Note that this affects a 

    ll phone calls and SMS messaging (Emergency calls are still possible).
  • To selectively block calls and/or SMS from contacts, select them from the list per the screen above.
  • Calls and/or text will now be disabled to and from those contacts.



You can press Show Call Logs to see a list of all Inbound and Outbound calls. Click on any column header to sort. Additionally, to search for a specific contact, simply start typing their name in the search field and you will see results immediately.


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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019