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New Feature - Phone and SMS Blocking - Android

Please see feature overview for phone call blocking and SMS (Texting) blocking.

  • Android for Samsung users can block all SMS texting Globally or block phone calls Globally.
  • Additionally you can block SMS or Phone Calls to<>from specific contacts on the device.
  • A phone call history log will show calls made and received as well.

Premium Users can simply navigate to their enrolled Android Samsung Device Info view and select Messaging Tab.

  • To Block ALL calls or ALL SMS Texting, toggle the buttons in that view to Disabled.
  • Note that this affects a

    ll phone calls and SMS messaging (Emergency calls are still possible).
  • To selectively block calls and/or SMS from contacts, select them from the list per the screen above.
  • Calls and/or text will now be disabled to and from those contacts.

You can press Show Call Logs to see a list of all Inbound and Outbound calls. Click on any column header to sort. Additionally, to search for a specific contact, simply start typing their name in the search field and you will see results immediately.

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