Apple iOS Activation for iPhones via SMS delivery

Please use the following guide if you are enrolling an Apple iPhone with SMS. You will receive a text sent to the device for one-click enrollment


Want a printable Guide? Click Here to download a beautiful and printable Activation Guide to help you activate your child's iPhone.

Watch our 3-minute Activation Video for your iPhone.

Step 1 - Add your device in the dashboard by selecting "Add device" from the main screen.

Step 2 - Populate a friendly name for the device, (phone number will be auto-filled after activation so you can leave it blank), select the user, and choose the device type as iOS.

Step 3 - You should receive an SMS/Text message on the iPhone in the Messages app. It will have a link to the next activation step. Click the link to continue.

*If you did not receive a text to the device, please follow this alternate procedure to enroll.

Step 4 - You will be prompted to Install Profile, Tap the Install link on the upper right hand side.

Step 5 - You will be prompted for the passcode on the device if one is set. Enter the device passcode. This is the passcode you would use to unlock the screen.

Step 6 - You will be prompted to install the "Netsanity Profile Service" - Tap Install

Step 7 - You will be prompted to accept "MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT" this allows our service to manage your device. Tap install.

Step 8 - You will be asked if you trust our service for Remote Management, tap Trust.

Step 9 - You should be notified that the profile was installed. Tap Done.

Step 10 - You should be returned to the Safari browser, and see a success notification, indicating you are now enrolled in the service. You may now close the Safari browser.

Device Activation is now complete!

*If you did not receive a text to the device, please follow this alternate procedure to enroll.

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