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Netsanity Launches new plan - "Netsanity Lite"

Netsanity Lite is available for both Apple and Samsung devices. Limits and capabilities are below:

  • Netsanity Lite supports the blocking of only two categories, Adult Porn & Nudity. No other categories are allowed to be blocked
  • Netsanity Lite is granted 2 device licenses - you cannot enroll more devices until you upgrade to a premium plan
  • Netsanity Locate is available for Lite users - both for Apple & Android
  • The following premium features are not available for Netsanity Lite users: Appblocker, Catblocker, Siteblocker, Timeblocker, Timeout, any device restrictions, SMS/Phone Blocking
  • Premium support is not available - Lite users can reference the self-help portal for any solutions of how-to guides and videos
  • Currently, the pricing for Netsanity Lite is $1/per month or $10/yr for up to 2 devices.
Options for Netsanity Lite and all other plans can be found here: Pricing and Plan Options

All features of Netsanity Premium and Lite can be found in the Features Table here.

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