Netsanity Feature - Locate

What is Locate?

Netsanity's locate feature allows parents to quickly see the last known location of their child's enrolled devices. Depending on the device (apple or Samsung) locate works differently.

Locate for Android with Samsung Devices

  • Android users will get GPS accurate location info in the device info page.
  • The precise accuracy will depend on the device's precision settings in their GPS.
  • The Locate screen is visible from the Main home screen under devices and by pressing the Device Info button.

Locate for Apple iOS devices

  • Apple users do not have a client app installed on their child's device.
  • Apple users can only get cell and regional data for locate, not GPS precise.
  • Location accuracy will depend on how dense the area they are in and how many cell towers and other location info is available.
  • We strongly recommend to have all Apple iOS enrolled in iCloud so a parent can get precise location info, and Netsanity as a fall back.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019