Netsanity Feature - Disable Apps for Android Samsung Devices 

We are excited to finally offer a very unique app blocking technology for Android Samsung device users. Parents with children that have Android smartphones and tablets can now disable ANY app from Netsanity's dashboard. Not only will the internet be blocked for already profiled apps, but even apps without internet can be instantly disabled!

Finally, parents can block games like Minecraft, and thousands of others that do not require an internet connection. Block, Skype, and hundreds of messengers that cannot be blocked with traditional methods!

See our video on how it works below

Please read below for more info on feature details and screenshots:

New Feature - Disable Any App (Android Only)

  • Android for Samsung users can now disable any app that is listed in the App Info tab
  • App that is disabled will instantly be disabled and will not be clickable
  • In addition if that App is also listed in Appblocker, i.e Instagram, Youtube, etc., that app will be blocked for internet access as well
  • Any app disabled will be un-clickable on the Samsung device until re-enabled
  • Games and other non-internet apps can be disabled
  • Even certain system apps can be disabled (use caution)
  • Dashboard has a search function to quickly find an app by name, rating, genre, or disabled status


  • The app will still remain on the screen but will not be able to be pressed
  • It may take a few minutes for the commands to be delivered to the Samsung
  • You must have the device connected to the internet in order for the commands to be received

Visit this page for more information on this feature.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019