Apple iOS Activation for WiFi only Devices w/o SMS (Legacy prior to iOS 12.2)

*Note - these guides and screenshot are typical procedures prior to iOS 12.2 released in March 2019. Most of the steps are very similar but for the latest iOS 12.2 activation process, please review the 12.2 Activation guides and video(s):

12.2 via iMessage/SMS

12.2 via Safari Browser

Please use the following guide if you are activating an Apple device without SMS. You will need your 5-digit enrollment code to complete activation.

Watch our 3-minute video to help you quickly activate your child's Apple device!

Step 1 - Add your device in the dashboard by selecting "Add device" from the main screen.

Step 2 - Populate a friendly name for the device, enter the phone number, select the user, and select a device type of iOS. After saving the device, you will see the enrollment code on the main page.

Step 3 - Open the Safari browser on the device, and enter [] in the address bar. Enter the enrollment code from Step 2 in the text field and click Enroll.

Step 4 - You will be prompted to Install Profile, click the install link on the upper right hand side.

Step 5 - You will be prompted for the passcode on the device if one is set. Enter the device passcode. This is the passcode you would use to unlock the screen.

Step 6 - You will be prompted to install the "Netsanity Profile Service" click Install

Step 7 - You will be prompted to accept "MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT" this allows our service to manage your device. Click install.

Step 8 - You will be asked if you trust our service for Remote Management, click Trust.


Step 9 - You should be notified that the profile was installed. Click Done.

Step 10 - You should be returned to the Safari browser, and see a success notification, indicating you are now enrolled in the service. You may now close the Safari browser.


Device Activation Complete!

Updated April 8, 2019

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