We are sorry to see you go!  

If you haven't already -- please reach out to our customer support group if you have any issues with installation or configuration.  Was there a feature missing or that was too confusing?  

Please log in to your dashboard and click on the blue support widget on the right-hand side to get help.

**Please note if you are in a free trial:

When you are in a trial, there is no cancel option because you do not have an actual plan. You have no credit card on file and so there is nothing to cancel. You can follow the steps below to remove the profile from the Apple device or Agent for Samsung. If you want us to permanently delete your admin account and email, please open up a ticket and state that you wish to have your information removed and we will gladly do that. Otherwise, if you do not upgrade your free trial account, there is nothing for you to do.

Plan Cancellation Steps (Premium and Lite Active Plans):

You will first need to cancel your active plan from your dashboard. Then you will need to remove the Netsanity profile (Apple) or Android Netsanity Agent (app) from each of your protected devices.

To process a cancellation, please follow the steps below.

1) The link to your Manage Subscription link can also be accessed from the parental dashboard.

2) Now click the Change button to the right of your Plan Details:

3) Now, click the cancel subscription button and follow the prompts. You will have a few options to continue.

Continue Removing Netsanity from Device (APPLE IOS ONLY)

Now we need to make sure Netsanity has been removed from each of the devices you had protected.  On each device, please follow the steps below.

To completely remove our solution from the device please follow the steps below.

  1. On the Apple device, open SETTINGS.
  2. Remove any Netsanity profiles installed in the following location.
    General > Profiles & Device Management

Continue Removing Netsanity from Device (ANDROID ONLY)

To remove the Netsanity Device Agent from the device, please follow this guide:

Credits or Refunds

Customers on Free or are in current active trial plans do not incur charges. Free plans are never charged. Once a trial has ended, and the customer has decided to upgrade to a premium plan, their card will be billed. 

Customers will be billed in advance, their monthly or annual plan charges. Once charged, subscriptions are non-refundable. Any remaining credits for monthly or annual plans are forfeited but can be re-used at a later time if the customer would like to re-activate their subscriptions.

Customers downgrading their plans will be issued a prorated credit, which may be used for any future charges or upgrades. 

Not currently a Netsanity subscriber?  Protect your family now.