Prepaid Cards

Netsanity does not accept prepaid cards for its subscriptions. Besides having a very high fraud rate, there are other reasons why we do not accept them.
Netsanity does not accept prepaid card since we do not know who the party is that maintains that card. It could be a child purchasing a prepaid card for the sole purpose of installation or someone trying to maliciously access someones information without their consent by installing software on someone else's device. Further, since we take the security and privacy of children very seriously we cannot risk having users of our service to which we cannot confirm their real identity. Of course we understand there are many legitimate reasons of using a prepaid card and not everyone who uses a prepaid card for malicious purposes. If you need to use a prepaid card, please contact us and once we verify your identity we have options to grant you a subscription.

There are occasional times where a prepaid is coded wrong and it will be processed by our systems. If Netsanity discovers this, Netsanity will delete the account for security reasons.


If you do not have a valid credit or debit card or are in an international location where your credit card may not authenticate in our systems, please contact us via the contact form on our website. We will gladly accept a check or other means of payment and issue a one time code to get a subscription. Please note that this is only valid for annual plans and is non-refundable.

Thank you!

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