Our popular timeblocker allows you the flexibility to restrict internet access on a convenient schedule. You may create a custom schedule per user, so an older child can have access to the internet later, while a younger child may have an earlier bedtime and will need to be blocked earlier.

Standard Features (Internet Blocking)

To use timeblocker, simply click on the blocks of time that you want to block. A red block means that there will be no internet access allowed during that time. A green block means that there is are no restrictions during that time block. For faster selections, you may select the entire hour by clicking the header or the entire day by clicking the day label. Don't forget to click the [Apply Changes] button in the top area for your changes to take effect. You can make as many changes as you want, but only need to click the [Apply Changes] button once. If you don't press the [Apply Changes] button, it will automatically save your changes every minute unless you navigate away from the page.

Once you enable timeblocker, it will stay on that schedule unless you change it. Ensure that the time zone matches where that device is or plans to be. For example, if your child will be in on vacation for a week, in a different time zone, make sure that the timeblocker is enabled and you set that timezone under their Profile so that Internet access will work correctly at their location. If you want to block the internet starting at 11 PM on weekdays, make sure that the 10 PM block is the last green block. At 11 PM the block will be red, and so on. A 10 PM block that is green tells the system that internet traffic is allowed from 10:00:00 pm to 10:59:59 PM in the local timezone.

Optional Settings for Apple and Android w/timeout

Apple Options:

“The Adhoc and Timeblocker features work in coordination with the Timeout preferences setting on the User Preferences section of your child’s profile. Depending on which option is set for the Timeout preference, the three options are as follows:”

  • Disable Internet access
  • Hideapps will hide all 3rd party apps 
  • ScreenLock will forceably lock the screen and if the child were to unlock it or log into the device - it will almost immediately re-lock.

*It may take up to 5 minutes for some of options to take effect.

This preference is set in your Preferences tab in the dashboard for each User.

Android (Samsung) Options:

On Android devices, in addition to the internet being disabled, sms messaging and all apps will be disabled.

*Please note that Android users do not have any options to set as all 3 restrictions will activate on timeout with timeblocker or when timeout is activated by itself.

Last updated: 4/8/2019

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