Website Blocked List

Populate this list with websites you wish to block explicitly in the form of or

You can use the websites blocked list in conjunction with the websites allowed list to achieve the following functionality.

To be guided through a walk-through of Siteblocker, please click this link.

Siteblocker's Website Blocked List supersedes all other controls (such as Catblocker, Appblocker, etc)

Websites Allowed List:

Populate this list with websites in the format of or that you wish to explicitly allow. Examples may include your church, school, place of work - etc.

Always Allow Whitelist Setting:

By enabling 'Always allow whitelist', any entry in your Website Allowed List will be allowed regardless of the Timeblocker, Catblocker, Appblocker, settings.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019