Dashboard - Preferences Tab

The preference page gives the parent abilities to configure two major feature settings, timeout and SafeWiFi. 

Timeout: (Apple iOS Version)

The timeout feature will perform one of the following actions on Apple devices, based on your user preferences.

  • Block Internet
  • Block Internet and screenlock
  • Block internet and hideapps
  • Remove Safari Browser

Timeout: (Android Samsung) 

  • Disable Internet access.
  • Disable use of non-system applications on the device.
  • Disable SMS/Text messaging

SafeWifi (Apple iOS):

This feature allows children in school or other "safe" WiFi areas to use their devices without the VPN being active.

Netsanity 2.5 SafeWifi - Apple IOS Only

Not currently a Netsanity subscriber?  Protect your family now.

Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019