Activity Charts

The graphs below will summarize daily usage including the following:

  • Hourly Usage for previous 24 hours
  • Top domain activity
  • Top activity by category
  • Chart by hour of day

Chart Detail:

  1. Horizontal (x) Axis - represents the device's historical data within a 24-hour time span
  2. Vertical (y) Axis - represents the number of domain requests from the device per hour  
  3. Scale of Vertical (y) Axis - data based upon the device's largest domain requests (destination attempts/websites requested) by hour. *Please note the scale is determined by user activity.
  4. Daily Activity Pie Chart - allowed/denied destination attempts to websites 
  5. Domain Activity Pie Chart - most visited domains (websites) 
  6. Category Activity Pie Chart - content categorized (more info - see catblocker) 
  7. Help icon (?) - provides additional information and helpful incite with the device activity log

Last updated/Checked: 04/08/2019

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