This guide will detail how to:

  1. Deactivate device currently in use
  2. Delete a device from the parental dashboard
  3. Create a new device to replace the deleted device
  4. Re-activate the device.

To completely remove Netsanity from the device, create a new device, and re-activate, please follow the steps below.

Deactivating a Device From Netsanity

  1. On the Apple device, open Settings
  2. Remove any Netsanity profiles installed in the following location.
  3. Reboot the device by holding down the power button until the slider appears.  Slide it to the off position.  Power the device back on and make sure both wireless and cellular data are enabled.
  4. On your laptop or desktop please go to
  5. Look at the device list and verify there is not a "Device Info" button next to the device we just removed the profiles from.  If you see "Device Info" please continue with step 6.  If you do not, then you may skip to the next section "Delete Device From Parental Dashboard and Re-Create".
  6. Click on Device Info
  7. Click Deactivate
  8. Click Deactivate this Device
  9. Select Yes to the "Are you sure?" prompt.

Delete Device From Parental Dashboard and Re-Create
  1. On your desktop or laptop please go to 
  2. Look at the device list and click the trash can icon next to the device we want to re-create.
  3. When prompted select "Yes" to remove the device.
  4. Select Add Device
  5. Fill out the appropriate information, being sure to assign it to the correct user and select "Create New Device"
  6. Verify the new device appears in the device listing.

Activating Netsanity on a Device

Follow either of these guides to re-enroll your device:

iOS 12.2 or later

Apple iOS using Safari browser

Before iOS 12.2

Apple device with SMS (iPhone)

Apple devices with no SMS (WiFi Only)

*Please keep the screen on and unlocked until the VPN appears.

The device is now activated!

Last modified / checked : 7/6/2020  

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