Netsanity offers two types of VPN connections. The Standard VPN connection and the Streaming VPN connection. For details on each version and to determine which type is right for your child's devices, please see below.

Please Note:  Streaming VPN is only available to customers in Plus plans and above.

Standard VPN

Netsanity automatically enrolls all new customers with the Standard VPN version. There are many advantages to this latest VPN type and Netsanity recommends the use of this version for the majority of our customers and their child devices. Please see below the list of benefits:

  • Faster authentication, so the connection will typically be faster than the Streaming VPN
  • Better support for routers and carriers. Many carriers dropped support for the Streaming VPN type and newer routers also support the Standard Type better
  • Better support for International customers
  • Supports Netsanity's new YouTube Filtering
  • Fully supported by Apple

Streaming VPN

There are cases where some customers may prefer to use Streaming VPN type on some devices. Please see below for specifics on the use of Streaming VPN type:

  • NETFLIX and some other video streaming services will not work with Standard VPN. They block most VPN's to avoid customers streaming content illegally from other countries. Netsanity gives customers 2 options to address this issue. One, you may simply request that Netsanity provides your account with our Streaming VPN which will not effect NETFLIX. Or, two, while at home, you may use Safewifi, to disable VPN and hence not effect NETFLIX streaming.
  • YouTube filtering will not be fully supported if Streaming VPN is used
  • Streaming VPN does not encrypt all traffic like Standard VPN does, so using Streaming VPN will increase battery life between charges

Determining What VPN Type Your Apple Device Has

There are two simple ways to see what version of VPN your Apple device has.

  • Log in to your dashboard and select the device via the Manage Device button. Once the Info tab is displayed you will see the type below:

Alternatively, you may look at your device while it is connected to VPN to see what type you have.

  • Please navigate to Settings>General>VPN
  • Click the blue (i) circle next to Netsanity VPN
  • Observe the Type
  • Type IKEv2 = Standard VPN
  • Type IKE or IKEv1 = Streaming VPN

How To Change Your Current VPN Type

Customers can change their preferred VPN type anytime with a simple toggle. The device has to be unlocked and connected to the internet. After a few seconds, a new VPN profile will be delivered to the device. During this process the VPN icon will disappear and reappear again - this is normal.

From the device info screen for an Apple device, toggle the VPN Type to the preferred type. The info will list which VPN type that device is currently using.

Technical FAQ:

  • Streaming VPN uses IKEv1 IPsec protocol as it security method
  • Streaming VPN only encrypts DNS traffic
  • Standard VPN uses IKEv2 IPSec protocol and Full Tunnel to establish the sessions and encrypt all traffic
  • More technical information on IKE versions, please read here.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019