You may toggle the Pause VPN toggle to off in cases where you may want to disable VPN filtering. This is useful in certain cases where VPN is being blocked by the WiFi network.

Here are some examples of cases in which pausing VPN may be warranted:

  • VPN is being blocked and will not connect.
  • You are travelling on a plane or going between many hotspots.
  • By default Pause VPN is grey and VPN will be on and active.

Note: **Activating this will disable all Netsanity filtering on the device.  If you are having issues with the VPN connecting or filtering not working as expected, please reach out to support.


Simply toggle "Pause VPN" to the green position to disable the VPN for the child.  When the toggle is green, the VPN is disabled.  The default position is gray.  

The default position of toggles are shown below - protection would be active on this device.

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Last modified / checked: 04/08/2019