Devices enrolled in Netsanity will not be able to play Netflix or Amazon videos.  They will receive an error or the video will not play.  


Netsanity's Standard VPN is the default VPN type for all customers who signed up after Jan 1st, 2018. Netsanity also continues to support and offers Streaming VPN for customers that prefer to keep the Streaming VPN, as there are considerations for some customers to switch to the Streaming VPN.

NETFLIX, Amazon Video, and some other video streaming services will not work with Netsanity's Standard VPN. They block most VPN's to avoid customers streaming content illegally from other countries. Netsanity gives customers 2 options to address this issue. 

Solution / How To Change Your Current VPN Type

Customers can change their preferred VPN type anytime with a simple toggle. The device has to be unlocked and connected to the internet. After a few seconds, a new VPN profile will be delivered to the device. During this process the VPN icon will disappear and reappear again - this is normal.

Simply follow this article to change your VPN type

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Last modified / 8/11/2020