If you want to try it for yourself in an interactive tutorial, including audio, click the tutorial below to start. To just see each of the steps, just scroll down.



Step 1: Siteblocker allows you to block or allow internet domains. More commonly known as white or blacklisting. More information on Siteblocker can be found by clicking this link.

The first step is to login to the Netsanity  Parental Dashboard. Click login.

Step 1 image

Step 2: Click Manage Child.

Step 2 image

Step 3: In the left-hand menu, click Siteblocker.

Step 3 image

Step 4: To block a specific domain,  enter the domain in the Websites Blocked List.

Step 4 image

Step 5: You do not need to include https:// or www.  In this example we are blocking badwebsite.com

Step 5 image

Step 6: After adding the site - click Block Site

Step 6 image

Step 7: Once added, the site would be denied by Netsanity if it were attempted.
Click OK to confirm the site is typed correctly.

Step 7 image

Step 8: To allow a website such as a school or homework website, enter it in the Websites Allowed List section.

Step 8 image

Step 9: In this example we are allowing schoolhomework.com Click Allow Site

Step 9 image

Step 10: Click OK after confirming the site is typed correctly.

Step 10 image

Step 11: By enabling 'Always allow whitelist', any entry in your Website Allowed List will be allowed regardless of the Timeblocker, Catblocker, or Appblocker settings.

This is great for work, homework or school websites.

Step 11 image

Step 12: Be sure to click Apply Changes when done.

Step 12 image

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