Overview of Parent and Child App for iOS

Our app is 100% Free for all premium customers. Just download and install it on your iPhone or iPad and child's iPhone, iPad or iPod and log in.

If you are reading this on your iPhone or iPad and already have an account, just click here to visit the app store and download it.

Parents will need to still activate their child devices first.  Keep reading to find out more about the features available to you when using the app.


Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your or your child's iOS device.  Enter your email address and password you chose when creating your Netsanity account.  


Choose Device User

The first time logging into the app you will need to choose the device user.  If you installed this on the your device (parent's iPhone or iPad) then you would choose Create New Parent.  If you installed this on your child's device - select the child from the list.  The child will be able to see locations of parent and siblings if allowed by parent.  If you are viewing this on a parent's device - tap Create New Parent - or tap the Parent's name.  The parent will be able to manage preferences for all children and their devices.


Choose Device User / Parent / My Family

Here you can view the location, battery levels, and enable Timeout for each child protected by Netsanity.  Select a child's name to view location history.


Choose Device User / Parent / My Family / Selected Child

Here you can view the location of the child over the last hour, 8 or 24 hours.  Select the settings icon to change preferences for the child.


Choose Device User / Parent / My Family / Selected Child / Settings Cog


This screen allows you to manage preferences and settings for your child and their device.  One setting you may not recognize from your dashboard https://my.netsanity.net is the "Share Location With Other Members" setting.  Enabling this will allow the location of this child to be viewed by other members in the family - not just the parents.  As long as location services is turned on for the iPhone / iPad / iPod you will see the GPS location of the child.


Populate this list with websites in the format of domain.com or www.domain.com that you wish to explicitly allow. Examples may include your church, school, place of work - etc.

Always Allow White List:

By enabling 'Always allow whitelist', any entry in your Website Allowed List will be allowed regardless of the Timeblocker, Catblocker, Appblocker, or other settings.

Black List:

Populate this list with sites you wish to block explicitly in the form of domain.com or www.domain.com.  Website Blocked List supercedes all other controls (such as Catblocker, Appblocker, etc)


This feature allows children in school or other "safe" WiFi areas to use their devices without the VPN being active.  When the user enters an area where the software detects that the SSID is listed as a SafeWiFi™, the VPN will not launch and the user will be protected by that locations (school, church, openDNS) network. The SSID’s are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as the SafeWiFi™ SSID’s are listed. For example, if the school uses the SSID ABC_Middle_Kids, it must be entered exactly with proper case to function.


Tap "Timeblocker Active" to enable Timeblocker schedule.  Tap the "+" sign at the top of the screen to add a schedule.  You may create a custom schedule per user, so an older child can have access to the internet later, while a younger child may have an earlier bedtime and will need to be blocked earlier.