Samsung Activation via APK Download (not via Google Play Store) Updated May 31, 2019

Google now requires that all apps in the Play Store need to disable access to the SMS and Phone controls unless they are specifically apps for Phone and SMS. Netsanity still makes the full version available directly by having our customers download the full Netsanity Agent here. Please note that there will be additional screens during the setup that are shown below. If you feel more comfortable with the version available in the Google Play store, please understand that SMS and Phone controls will not be available. You can always use the Netsanity provided version at any time by using this link to download from the Samsung device you wish to install the agent on.

*Latest version: 3.2.7 July 2019


If you would like to have texting and call control, please type in the following download link in your browser on your child's Samsung device

*Above supports Android OS 7, 8, and 9.

Security Alert

You may receive a security alert stating the phone is not allowed to install unknown apps.  Please click on "Settings" to change this permission.

Allow from This Source

Please change the toggle to green to allow the installation of the downloaded file.

Allow from This Source

Once the toggle has been changed to green you can press the back button to go to the installation screen again.

Install the App

Now you have allowed the Netsanity app to be installed - you can tap the "Install" button.

Please wait for the app installation to complete.

App Installed

Once the app is installed, you can tap "Open" to complete the rest of the activation.

Last modified / checked: 5/31/2019 supports Android 9+