Latest Netsanity status can be seen here: 

Update: 8-31-2019 3:30pm EDT 

All services restored.


Update: 8-31-2019 2:00pm EDT 

Most services are restored. Apple devices should now successfully enroll. There are a few internal systems but customers should be back up fully.


Update: 8-31-2019 1:40pm EDT 

Most services are restored. The remaining issues are the inability to enroll new or current Apple iOS devices. This is due to a security server that is still down. You will get a failed profile installation on any enrollment attempts for Apple devices. Existing enrolled devices should not be able to connect to the VPN and dashboard changes should now work again.

We will continue to update this as we get updates.


Update: 8-31-2019 1:16 pm EDT 

Most services are restored. There are millions of jobs still being processed as all systems try to catch up with the queued jobs over the past 4 hours.

We expect slower services and jobs over the next few hours as the system goes through each one. Please be patient as we continue to try to restore all systems.



Update: 8-31-2019 12:55 pm EDT 

Most of the network is up however there are still 8 servers down. Those provide enrollment certificates as well as runningjobs. This will effect making changes to your dashboard as  well as potentially not allowing devices from enrolling.

Existing apple ios devices should be able to connect to the VPN but new changes may not take place until the outage is fully resolved. We will continue updates here.


Update: 8-31-2019 11:21 am EDT

About 75% of our services are now restored. You may see slow or long connection sites depending on you service location. We expect to be 100% up soon.

We will keep this notice up until we have verified that all services are up.


Update: 8-31-2019 10:29 am EDT 

We are seeing services being restored due to wide power outage at the data center. We will keep this notice up until we have verified that all services are up.


Update: 8-31-2019 09:16 am EDT

From service provider:

"We are currently seeing that the issue is power related. Our faculty is currently investigating the situation and working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

We will be updating this post every half an hour

*** UPDATE ***

We are currently experiencing connectivity issues in part of our network in Manassas, VA (WDC-01). 

We are investigating the cause of these issues and more information will be provided once it becomes available. "



We are aware that our provider has a major outage affecting all Netsanity services.

You may not be able to login to:

  • Dashboard
  • Enrollment servers
  • VPN servers

For apple users devices will not be able to connect to the internet since they are unable to connect to the VPN

You can temporarily remove the Apple profile from the device to restore connectivity until this is resolved:

We will update as soon as systems have returned.