VPN Changes

Currently, Netsanty's Streaming mode (IPSec) is not working for devices that have iOS 13.x installed. We are working with Apple on a workaround but for now, make sure your ios devices are set to the Standard mode which is the default and supports 95% of all customers. Once we determine the feasibility of re-instating Streaming mode with 13, we will let customers know and update any supporting articles. Devices prior to 13 are not affected.

Device Restrictions

Additionally, starting with iOS 13, Apple has chosen to not allow certain device restrictions unless the iOS device is in a Supervised state. Netsanity will be creating a guide in the coming week to show parents how to self-supervised or optionally send their devices to Netsanity for supervision. Devices prior to 13 are not affected.

To see the current list of device restrictions and whether or not they require supervision, please see this article:


Also to look at our new Supervision Guide, please click here.

Updated: October 3, 2019